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Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Places to Travel
1. Turkey
2. China
3. Greece
4. Argentina
5. Japan
6. United Kingdom
7. Syria
8. Thailand
9. USA
10. France

Thailand | ATC

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Top Ten Adventurers
1. Ranulph Fiennes
2. Mike Horn
3. Jane Goodall
4. Benedict Allen
5. Sir Edmund Hillary
6. John Goddard
7. Ernest Shackleton
8. Jason Lewis
9. Gertrude Bell
10. Zheng He

Top Ten Guide Books
1. Lonely Planet
2. Matador Travel
3. Nile Guide
4. Frommer’s
5. Fodor’s
6. Rough Guides
7. Footprint
8. Bradt
9. Rick Steves
10. Berlitz

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Top Ten Rally Events
1. Budapest-Bamako
2. Dakar Rally
3. Fireball Run
4. Mongol Rally
5. Gumball Rally
6. Sturgis Rally
7. Roof of the World Rally
8. Trans-Oriental Rally
9. Rallye Des Pharaons
10. Cape Town Challenge

Top Ten Overseas Charities
1. Peace Corps
2. Habitat for Humanity
3. Childhope UK
4. Womankind Worldwide
6. Tear Fund
7. Mercy Corps
8. Salvation Army
9. Red Cross
10. One campaign

Peace Corps | ATC
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Top Ten Travel Events
1. Iditarod
2. Running of the Bulls
3. Dakar Rally
4. Cherry Blossom Festival
5. The Karakoram Highway
6. Trekking the Sahara
7. Reindeer-Packing in the Netherlands
8. Hunting in the Outback
9. Canoeing the Amazon
10. Wintering in Antarctica

Top Ten Travel Movies
1. Razor’s Edge
2. Joe Versus the Volcano
3. Into the Wild
4. Seven Years in Tibet
5. Lawrence of Arabia
6. Indiana Jones
7. The Gods Must be Crazy
8. The Darjeeling Limited
9. Ong Bak
10. The Beach

Razors Edge | ATC
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Top Ten Travel Gear Brands
1. The North Face
2. Sierra Designs
3. REI
4. Magellan
5. Eagle Creek
6. Marmot
7. Eddie Bauer
8. Spyder
9. Patagonia
10. Quicksilver

Top Ten Travel Foods
1. Granola bars
2. Dried fruit
3. Soup packages
4. MREs
5. Rice Cakes
6. Ramen
7. Airborne Tabs
8. Trail mix
9. Popcorn
10. Oatmeal

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Top Ten Travel Books
1. Jungle Book – Rudyard Kipling
2. On the Road – Jack Kerouac
3. River Town – Peter Hessler
4. The Great Railway Bazaar – Paul Theroux
5. Road Fever – Tim Cahill
6. Chasing the Sea – Tom Bissell
7. The Sun Also Rises – Earnest Hemmingway
8. Endurance – Alfred Lansing
9. News from Tartary – Peter Flemming
10. Among the Russians – Colin Thubron

Top Ten Travel Blogs
1. Ottsworld
2. Theexpeditioner
3. Theroadforks
4. Flipnomad
5. Farwestchina
6. Nomadicmatt
7. Vagabonding
8. Seatofourpants
9. Wonderingtrader
10. Abandonthecube

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