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Breakfast Beer | ATC


Breakfast beers are a great way to start the day. We've done it in every country we've visited. Here are a few of the pictures:

Prague Breakfast Beer | ATC

Mike's Breakfast Beer in Prague, Czech Republic.

Lauren Breakfast Beer Czech Republic

Lauren's Breakfast Beer in the Czech Republic.

Bills Breakfast Beer | ATC

Bill, the honorary ATCer, having a breakfast beer in Austria.

Breakfast Beers in Austria | ATC

Breakfast Beers in Austria.

MIke in Bratislava | ATC

Mike's Breakfast Beer in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Breakfast Beers okay all day | ATC

In the US Virgin Islands, it is okay to walk around outside with a beer without fear!

Breakfast Beer - Saint Thomas | ATC

A breakfast beer in Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands. 9:45am... at the Hooters.

Breakfast Beer Olympos | ATC

Matt and Mike enjoying a Breakfast Beer in Olympos, Turkey. 11:15am, in front of a giant cactus.

Breakfast Beer Safranbolu | ATC

Lauren having a breakfast beer in Safranbolu, Turkey.... which led to us getting nearly kicked out of our hotel for drinking.... (a hotel which was ironically named The Efe Backpacker's Pension).

Breakfast Beer Sinop | ATC

Efes is the Turkish beer of choice, and this was our first breakfast beer in Sinop, a bit of a party town on the Black Sea Coast in Northern Turkey.

Breakfast Beer Kazbegi | ATC

Mike having a hearty breakfast of beer and bread before jumping on the three hour bus from Tbilisi to Kazbegi, on the Russian border. 9:45am, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.

Breakfast Beer Tbilisi | ATC

Above, an image of Mike pouring his first breakfast beer in Tbilisi. 9:45am, Republic of Georgia.

Ashgabat Turkmenistan Beer | ATC

Lauren having a breakfast beer in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. 10:00am after a tour of the Push-Push Bazaar.

Breakfast beer baku | ATC

Mike having a breakfast beer, our earliest yet, as we got of the ship from Turkmenbashi and headed into Baku, Azerbaijan to wait for morning. 5:00am, Baku, Azerbaijan.

Beijing Breakfast Beer | ATC

Mike having a nice breakfast beer in huohai before we set off to watch the US battle Cuba in the Olympic baseball semifinals (also where we met Vince Vaughn who had been drinking breakfast beers since the night before it seemed.) 10:00am, Beijing, China.

Shanghai Breakfast Beer | ATC

Mike transporting our breakfast beers to the base of the Shanghai TV tower. It was easier than you think getting on the subway loaded down with breakfast beers. 9:00am, Shanghai, China.

Christmas Breakfast Beers  | ATC

Ami and Lauren have breakfast beers over the holidays before touring around the bund, causing quite a bit of confusion to the Chinese who don't celebrate Christmas. "Hey, why are those chicks dressed as creepy old men?) 11:00am, Shanghai, China.

Shanghai Hero breakfast beer | ATC

A random guy we don't know carrying two bags of breakfast beers to his friends doing graffiti. Our hero. 11:30am, Shanghai, China.

Obama Breakfast Beer | ATC

During the election, the only place in Shanghai with cable was the pub. We arrived at 8am, (with time difference to USA, it was PM back home) had a breakfast beer, and watched history unfold. 8:00am, Shanghai, China.

Kashgar Breakfast Beer | ATC

On the railway to Kashgar, we had our breakfast beers as a carry-on, which might have caused an international incident, were it not so strange. 10:30am, Kashgar, China.

Kazakhstan Breakfast Beer | ATC

Our breakfast beer on the train, the Tian Shan beer, with the Tian Shan mountains in the background ("hey, that calls for a breakfast beer!") 11:00am, Border crossing, Kazakhstan.

Bukhara Breakfast Beer | ATC

Lauren protects her breakfast beer from thirsty stray kitty at Lyabi Hauz, 10:30am, Bukhara, Uzbekistan.

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Excerpts from the Blog

Where is the Beer?

We've had a breakfast beer in every country we've visited. Check out the places we've been in the guides.

Why for Breakfast?

Lauren and Mike have abandoned their cubes..... and a lot of other responsibilities, including social norms against having beer for breakfast. We live in perpetual vacation mode, where a beer for breakfast means at least we're getting our grains.

Do we have a problem?

Nope. Cuz we only have one breakfast beer a day- a totally acceptable way to start the day!