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Canoeing New River in Boone

Going on a day-long canoe trip with a toddler doesn’t seem like the most relaxing way to spend a weekend for most, but relaxation...


The Johnson Brothers’ Canoe Trip

August, 2015 was a monumental month in the lives of two brothers. Although they disagree on the optimal facial accessory of beard or...


The Best Movies About Finding Happiness Through Travel

Abandon the Cube finds the top movies about the search for happiness.

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The Best Nihilist Holidays

For our nihilist friends, we’ve put together the top trips for fun, active holidays sure to please even the most exhausted of...

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The New Look of ATC

You may have noticed that ATC has been under construction for a few weeks. Okay, okay it’s been a few months. I’ve been busy...

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The Best Backpacks For Traveling

Best Wheeled Backpacks For travelers who spend a good deal of time in urban areas, or flying a great deal, a wheeled backpack is a great...

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Road Tripping USA

I’ve had road trips in the USA on my mind recently. There is something supremely liberating about jumping in your car and facing an...

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How to Do Disney World

How to do DisneyWorld with kids--from someone who knew nothing prior to going and learned a lot from trial and error.

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5 Great Things to Learn in Thailand

Learn to scuba dive, dye fabric or do traditional Thai massage on your next stay in Thailand.

The Tieks Package - Abandon the Cube

Tieks Review: Are these worth the cost for a traveler

Are Tieks worth the price tag? Find out our insider review of the exclusive ballet flats.


Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Slovakia

Find out the top five things to do in Slovakia, including spelunking, city touring and world capitals and climbing rugged peaks.

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2014 in Review

Abandon the Cube's year in review 2014 included an immense about of American travel, from Texas to Washington, to Michigan and beyond to...


ScoreBig Tickets gives users the opportunity to bid on different even tickets around their area.  Similar to in the early years...

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Atlantic Beach, NC

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina is home to an amazing history, fun attractions, and family-friendly activities for every age.


Six Songs for a Bachelor Holiday

If the boys are going away, the jams will be played frequently and loud-- but what to put on your iPad? We've got you covered there with...


Strategies for Blackjack Players

As many of you know, traveling takes money. One way to make that money is at the table. Naturally, we don’t encourage unsafe gambling...


Broaden your Horizons – And your Mind

The following is a guest post by Anna Jones. Broaden your horizons – and your mind Further education isn’t just about lectures,...


Fernweh Originals

I’m happy to announce that I have begun selling my artwork. You can find paintings, custom hand-painted furniture and home decor by...


French Dresser Upcycle

I found another dresser with a decent frame on Craigslist. Yes, I check out the listings every few days for cheap, sturdy furniture that I...


Bedroom Redesign

Well I crapped out and didn’t take a BEFORE photo because it was too embarrassing. But below is a picture from a few months ago when...


Antique Desk Remodel

This is my first desk remodel and I have to say, it went alright! I bought this crappy desk off of Craigslist and didn’t take a photo...


Refinishing a Butcher block Table

Well, I’ve been at it again! This time I took a perfectly good butcher block table from the in-laws and refinished it. Before you get...

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Dresser Refinished, Upcycled and Remodeled

I found this dresser on CL and thought, what the hell… I know nothing about refinishing furniture, let’s give it a try. Both...


DIY Headboard from Butcher Block

To continue the theme of upcycling and creating, here is my tutorial (aka, my creation journal, for the granola crunchers out there) on how...


Duck Dynasty Cake Creation

I must be in the DIY mood because I have about nine big projects going on around the place. I just finished upcycling a perfectly good...