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Have you ever sat at work and dreamed of abandoning your cubical and traveling the world?  We are living that dream so come live vicariously as we perpetually abandon the cube.  The Abandon the Cube blog tells the stories, experiences, histories, methods, and costs of the adventures of Lauren and Mike.  Abandon the Cube contains a brief history and summary  of each country they visit in the destinations guides, as well as their travel recommendations, tips and guides to follow the same road. Follow their route in the maps section as you read along in the blog. Finally, the travelers have grown a sense of humor, check out the photos and, as always, contact us with questions or comments!

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Other Abandon the Cube Travelers: We also have Bill P. along on the ATC adventure during the 2010 Mongol Rally. In 2009 we had Matt D. on our Adventure through Turkey. Thanks for being a part guys, and for Abandoning your Cube with us!

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