Adventure Travel

We love adventure travel, whether a road-rally, or crazy boating adventure, or even ballooning across a continent, here are some of the top adventure travel companies that are ATC approved.

The Adventurists

These crazy fellas from the UK are the annual organizers of the Mongol Rally, which ATC undertook in 2010. You can read more about our adventures with these avid derringers of wacky travel, or check out their latest offerings. The Rickshaw Run is a pan-India adventure in the most ill-suited mode of transportation still functioning on the planet. The Ice Run offers the rare (for good reason) chance to go across Siberia, in winter, in a moter cycle sidecar. The Adventure 9 rally is some sort of boating adventure that has yet to take place, but we’re eager to see the world’s braves (or craziest) travelers take to the high seas.


Zegrahm Expeditions

When I was a kid, I got the Zegrahm pamphlets in the mail. These glorious, image-laden windows to the world inspired much of my love of travel. To this day, a pamphlet on Micronesia sits on my desk, reminding me how vast and wonderful the world is. They offer small-ship explorations around the world, from the Mekong River Tour, to Caledonia Sky and beyond. The picture below is of the boat they take down the Mekong, but all of their cruises offer unparalleled access to the world’s most beautiful sites. Who knows, one day I may be wealthy enough to fulfill a life-long dream and go on a Zegrahm Expedition to Antarctica.


Four Seasons Jet Experiences

Now, you need to be loaded to go on one of these adventures, but options range from traveling around the world in a few weeks on a luxury, private jet and then staying at beautiful Four Season hotels and resorts along the way. With beautiful lodging around the globe, you travel in style and get access to behind-the-scenes and VIP tours to top sites. In 2015 they closed the Hagia Sophia for one Around the World group. Can you imagine seeing the Hagia Sophia in isolation, the golden sunlight pouring into a silent, stunning structure? Yes, please.

original_Four_Seasons_Private_Jet-Around_the_WorldNational Geographic Trips

I bet you’ve flipped through one of the yellow-outlined magazines and though, “lucky bastards!” Now you can join them! For us, Borneo has long been a place so wild and out of reach that it seemed impossible to really explore. Imagine touring with a NatGeo guide. Travel euphoria. They have other treks, like a Sahara exploration, Belize kayaking, and even northern Iceland adventures. Where do we sign up?

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 11.44.50 AM

SilverSea Expeditions

These guys offer luxury cruises and other expeditions that are so fantastic, they’re supported by the National Geographic Society (read: they go to sweet, off-grid places). These explorers still see the world as undiscovered, raw and ready for scientific probing. From the arctic to the Galapogos, and everything in between. Join them on one of their expeditions for an all-out adventure in the vein of Shakelton.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 11.44.31 AM