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Yangzi River Cruise

Abandon the Cube navigates the perils of tourism to arrive on board a river cruise.

Travel by Train, Shanghai to Chongqing

Abandon the Cube takes to the train again to explore another city in China.

The Shanghai Financial Scene

Abandon the Cube delves into the financial realm of Shanghai's business central.

Tower Wars: Battle of the Shanghai Skyline

Abandon the Cube observes with amusement the erection of competing towers; who will win the highest tower award?

After the Olympics

Shopping before the Olympics is a great way to unwind after a long night.

Beijing Olympic Closing Ceremony

Abandon the Cube tries to leave the city after an eventful few days in Beijing.

Baseball, Vince Vaughn and Cheap Beer

Despite a disappointing baseball game, Abandon the Cube enjoyed a celebrity meeting while at the Olympics.

Beijing Pollution, China Air Quality

Amidst the excitement of the Olympics, Abandon the Cube notes the difficulty in breathing the Chinese air.

Beijing 2008: On the Hunt for Olympic Tickets

Abandon the Cube attempts to get sold out tickets for the Olympics with only a few twists and turns.

Beijing Olympics 2008: Olympic Opening Ceremony

We went up to the Beijing 2008 Olympics on a sudden impulse. It wasn’t because we were so much swept up in the fervor as just tired of...

The Mongolian Marlboro Man

The next morning we awoke to the sounds of horses. Billig had brought in a rather large brown horse for the evening, and he had strolled...

Mongolia: Where The Wild (Mustangs) Are

Tipsy and aboard a very stubborn and slow horse, I became angry at the brute for not obeying my drunken commands to go faster. Mike laughed...

Eating Dog, Drinking Vodka: The Mongolian Way of Life

The next morning we awoke early and asked Billig about borrowing a few horses. He pulled out his cell phone and made a few calls as he...

Living in a Mongolian Yurt

Abandon the Cube experiences the hospitality and accommodations of Mongolian people.

Into the Wilds of Mongolia

Abandon the Cube finds themselves without transportation in the Mongolian landscape without a map.

The Great Mongolian Escape

Abandon the Cube renewed their visas for China with a trip to Mongolia, although it was not what they expected.

Apartment Hunting in China: Finding Home in Shanghai

Abandon the Cube experiences the ups and downs of looking for an apartment in Shanghai.

Moving to Shanghai: ATC Relocates to the Middle Kingdom

Abandon the Cube moves full-time to China, and settles in Shanghai.

Top 5 things You Would Miss the Most About America

Abandon the Cube reveals the things they miss most about America.

Exploring Xian Amidst the Dangers of Dysentery

Despite a rough start thanks to some questionable meatballs, Abandon the Cube enjoyed an exciting day in Xian.

Terracotta warriors in Xian: A Reassembled Army

Abandon the Cube visits the Terracotta Warriors in Xian.

Traveling by High-Speed Train in China: Beijing to Xian

The long, overnight sleeper train adventure was not all it was cracked up to be.

Sichuan Travels

Making the leap: How We Became Cube Abandoners

From the sorrows of unemployment to the wonders of living on the road, find out how Lauren and Mike began their journey as Cube Abandoners.