Beijing Health Check for Work Visa

Getting a visa in China with a company can be a hassle. I spent several months preparing all the documents needed to get my Z visa. To make things a bit simpler, here is a short list of the items you need for your health check, how to get to the fascilitiy, and what to expect.

Items you’ll need:
2 color passport photos
700RMB (includes fee to mail results to the company)

Location of the facility: #10 DeZheng Rd, Xi’Bei Wang Town, Haidian, Beijing. Tel: 8240-3675. Please see the map below for details:

What to expect:
You’ll walk into the side of the building (follow signs around to the right of the building for the health check) and once inside, there are tables with forms on them to be filled out before you register. Once your forms including health history, passport number and general information are filled out, head to the counter and register. The receptionist will take a snapshot of you and hand you a stack of papers. Now head down the line and pay. RMB 650 when I went (May, 2011). Once you’ve paid you simply look down at the piece of paper and go to every room number on the list, the room is set up in a semi-circle and doors are clearly labeled. Simply walk into each room and get the box signed before you leave. Once all the boxes are signed, head to the form drop-off desk and hand in two color pictures of yourself and your completed form. If you want your results mailed to you or your office tell this receptionist—she’ll give you a slip of paper to give to the desk where they take care of special deliveries.

Items on the actual health check include:
Blood drawing (testing for AIDS, among other things)
Lung X-Ray
Eye exam
General check up (ear, mouth, etc)
Weight/height check
Blood pressure

Your results will be mailed to you (or you can pick them up three days later at the office). If you pass, they will simply give you a copy of the report and give the go ahead for your work visa. You’ll need this document for the visa so don’t lose it! More importantly, the exam is only valid for 6 months so get the test when you are ready to get your visa, and not too early.

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