Call for Submissions –Best Cube Abandoning Films and Books

We recently watched “Running the Sahara” a documentary about three dudes who literally ran from west to east across the Sahara. After watching that epic tale unfold we thought we’d search for a compiled online list of awesome cube-abandoning stories and adventure tales. After searching for this list for some time, we discovered it does not yet exist and we’d like to compile one to share with the world. Thus, if you have any favorite films about quitting your job to travel, or simply doing an outrageous event like running the Sahara or the Mongol Rally, then submit your ideas and we’ll compile them into, hopefully, a TOP 100 CUBE ABANDONING FILMS list that we’ll be posting on our website. We’d also love to have a similar list about books.

To get you started thinking down the path of media we’re looking for, here are a few of our favorite  lists:

Best cube abandoning films:
• Joe versus the Volcano
• Running the Sahara
• The Razor’s Edge
• 7 Years in Tibet
• Office Space
• The Matrix

And a few cube-abandoning books:
• Shakelton Expedition
• Vagabonding
• Imagine
• Long Way Round

What about a few Road Trip Songs:
• Freebird
• Simple Man
• Free Ride
• Living on a Prayer

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