Canon Rebel XS, 1000D

Snack time!


In September I was given a new camera for my birthday, the Canon Rebel XS (or 1000D). Its been an amazing camera and has far exceeded my expectations. I feel like the bionic man with how often I have this camera attached to my person, and I feel incomplete when I am without it (but, I have not yet taken to sleeping with it as a security blanket).

Changes in quality
With this new camera I can see a drastic improvement in my photography . Its elevated my ability to contort and control what I see through the viewfinder into something I’d want to see enlarged and hanging on my living room wall.

With the Canon 1000D I took what used to be a minor hobby and have made it into a technical art form (I’m nor bragging, I’m just saying the camera is that good!) I have control over what is in focus. I have control over distances and blur. I have the ability to turn any mundane object into art with this camera by playing with the settings and features.

Confidence builder
I’m also more confident with this camera. Whereas before with a point and shoot I was shy to approach people to snap a meaningful image. Now, with a larger and more authoritative camera I feel like an artist and not just someone breaking privacy laws.

Check out our photo album, you can see a clear line in quality and creativity between my old point-and-shoot camera and the 1000D.

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