Category: Ground Travel

Packing for Several Months on the Road

Top Five Things I Wish We’d Brought • More carabineers. So far, carabineers and rope have been two of the most useful items in my pack....

Shopping for Outdoor Gear in Shanghai

We ventured to every travel gear store in Shanghai. For those seeking camping, climbing, trekking or other outdoor wear and gear we fully...

A Visa-Related Snag

Having completed all the necessary paperwork, acquired mini photos of myself and located my passport I set off to the Uzbek consulate in...

Yellow Mountain Fever

We returned today from a four day trip to HuangShan, Yellow Mountain, in Anhui province, China. Nine Dragon Waterfall On Friday the 13th we...

Taking the train on Friday the 13th

Today we’re heading to HuangShan, yellow mountain, in Anhui province. This is the most famous of the five sacred mountains of China,...

International Visas

As the trip planning progresses I find myself at the stage of applying for international visas, a process wrought with vagueness and...

The Problem of the Borders

In planning the trip from Shanghai to Ashgabat, I’m encountering some chatter online about difficulties previous travelers have faced...

Shanghai to Ashgabat, the Plan

As many of you know, I was laid off from my financial job on New Year’s Eve (classy timing). But this upsetting twist has been an...

Dancing on the Shores of West Lake

Abandon the Cube visits the lovely West Lake and admires the Tail Chi practitioners.

The Final Day of the Cruise

Abandon the Cube ends their cruise and enjoys the way back to Shanghai.

Boating up the Three Gorges

Abandon the Cube sails up the Yangzi River to soak in the sights of China.

The Ghost Town

The Yangzi River cruise takes Abandon the Cube to intriguing and amazing places.

Yangzi River Cruise

Abandon the Cube navigates the perils of tourism to arrive on board a river cruise.

Travel by Train, Shanghai to Chongqing

Abandon the Cube takes to the train again to explore another city in China.

Exploring Xian Amidst the Dangers of Dysentery

Despite a rough start thanks to some questionable meatballs, Abandon the Cube enjoyed an exciting day in Xian.

Terracotta warriors in Xian: A Reassembled Army

Abandon the Cube visits the Terracotta Warriors in Xian.

Traveling by High-Speed Train in China: Beijing to Xian

The long, overnight sleeper train adventure was not all it was cracked up to be.