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Drinking Cultures from Around the Globe

There is something very strange about the way humans approach booze, and how each nation address alcohol both politically and culturally in...

Poll Results are in and Vietnam Wins

We conducted an online poll to see where our readers thought we should travel next. 37% of our voters thought we should go to Vietnam....

Shurii Castle and Kokousai Street

Abandon the Cube explores Okinawa Island and the wonders it holds.

Rock Climbing in Okinawa

Abandon the Cube goes with family to the beach to enjoy the tropical island.

Pineapple Paradise Park

On the third day- we rested. The next morning we were itching to get out of the cabin after having watched an entire season of The Office....

The Downfall

Christmas with family always has a few bumps and Abandon the Cube navigated them in the classic way, with drinks.

An Okinawan Adventure

Abandon the Cube visits family in Japan for Christmas.