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Happy Birthday, Mike!

Our favorite Cube Abandoner Mike B is turning old. His first grey hairs made an appearance this year, as did sore joints in the cold and a...

Top Ten Things We’ll Miss About China

We leave China today. Here is a list of the top ten things we’ll really miss about China: Drinking in Public. While this may seem...

Apartment Hunting in China

As we pack up our apartment I’m reminded of when we first moved to China and began looking for a place to live. The process of...

The Sink Sequel

A few days ago our kitchen sink began to leak and we had quite the adventure as the landlord’s mother and several other randoms...

The Coffee-Milk Spa

On the last day of our four day trip to HuangShan we were exhausted! We climbed down the entire mountain in one fell swoop, the details of...

An OMG Kind of Morning

On Friday our sink began to leak, we cleaned up the mess and contacted our landlord. The landlord (who speaks amazing English and is...

Leg Cramps at 2000m

In the morning we set off again to find the complete opposite of the previous day’s hike. The paths were congested with people and...

Yellow Mountain Fever

We returned today from a four day trip to HuangShan, Yellow Mountain, in Anhui province, China. Nine Dragon Waterfall On Friday the 13th we...

Taking the train on Friday the 13th

Today we’re heading to HuangShan, yellow mountain, in Anhui province. This is the most famous of the five sacred mountains of China,...

Whats That Floating in the Pot?

We recently moved into a new apartment because there were “health issues” with our last place. Walking around the Shanghai...

The Pit of Despair

We all remember this scene right?  When the Six-Fingered Man turns the water wheel and Wesley convulses in pain?  “I’ve just...

Laid Off on New Year’s Eve

Its official. I was laid of on the 31st of December while on vacation in Beijing. I found out via an emailed letter from an employee...

Christmas in Shanghai, New Years in Beijing

For the holidays this year my little sister flew into China via our week together with our brother in Japan. We took a break to hang out in...

All I Want for Christmas

Abandon the Cube reflects this Christmas on the differences between China and the US.

An Okinawan Adventure

Abandon the Cube visits family in Japan for Christmas.

How to Fund Quitting your Job

Top 5 Best Ways to Find Jobs in China

Abandon the Cube reveals their tips for finding work in China.

Breakfast with Barack Obama

Abandon the Cube retells the excitement of the 2008 election while overseas.

Shenzhen to Hong Kong Border

Abandon the Cube travels for work to the iconic city of business.

The Shanghai Financial Scene

Abandon the Cube delves into the financial realm of Shanghai's business central.

Apartment Hunting in China: Finding Home in Shanghai

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