Kayaking High Rock Lake

High Rock Lake, NC

If you’re looking for bass, High Rock Lake is the spot to go in North Carolina for record-breaking catches. I wasn’t there for the fish, but rather the sport and serenity. Below is my trip report from High Rock Lake, where we rented a pontoon for 8 and also took out three manual, single-person aquatic vehicles.

high rock lake

We rented a pontoon and also had three people on manual boats; two kayaks and an XL paddle board. Naturally, I started off in a kayak. In the pictures, you won’t see much traffic on the lake but rest assured, it was packed. From speedboats to jet skis, and even fishing boats and pontoons–this was a busy lake with bumper-to-bumper boats and a never ending wake that made paddle boarding a more difficult endeavor.


Jumping on the paddleboard was a lesson in patience and stability. After a few minutes I got the hang of it, but if you sneeze on a paddleboard you’ll find yourself quickly underwater.


The water was warm and although murky– felt clean despite all the oil and fuel being pumped in and around the lake. When you could find a minute between wakes, it was a pleasant experience to dip into the water and splash around.

We did a bit of fishing on the lake, but caught nothing and wee happy to just be out in the wild, on the water, enjoying the summer sun. We rented out pontoon from High Rock Lake Campground and Marina, but there are other outfitters on the lake.


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    Table Rock Lake has always been a Gem of my family’s travel destinations for camping, etc. I have many fond memories of the South west for ALL my camping memories as a child and many fun things to do. It is still one of only about 2 of MO’s bigger lakes that doesn’t allow construction of anything close to the lake shore….and even though they’ve had some water issues in the early 2000’s they have that under control now.

    Now of course the growth is phenomenal and the diversity of entertainment around Table Rock, from Springfield on the North to Eureka Springs and Big Cedar Lodge’s new prominence in many areas now beside just lake and wildlife and Bass Pro, now they also have 2 wonderful golf courses and a SUPERB Top of the Rock Arne’s Barn for great views, atmosphere and drinks and food too of course and a great pro shop. But I emphasize the VIEWS!!!


    Can you tell me how to contact the folks who are teaching and renting kayak lessons on High Rock this summer

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