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Abandon the Cube Lifestyle

“Do as I say, not as I do,” has been a wise (but weak) man’s quip for centuries, and we’re here to speak these words again. Although we strongly believe in the ideology of Cube Abandoning, living the life of your dreams and exploring the little blue ball we call Earth, we don’t think you should leave your family, responsibilities and stuff behind in the process. It may take some planning, time and work, but if you really want to live the ATC lifestyle, it is within reach. Here are some resources for abandoning your cubicle and starting a new life, one step at a time. And while we don’t always live up to our own highest ideals, we certainly try.

  • Vegetarian, conscious diet: Why being responsible with your food matters
  • A sense of humor is paramount to surviving life on the road
  • DIY sweat and blood building: How living from the sweat of your brow makes you more human
  • Financially Responsible Cube Abandoning: How to save, borrow, beg or wait to ATC
  • Unchained from a cube: How to ATC
  • Going off grid, from easy to extreme– ways to escape the cycle and break into your own liberation
  • Gear for abandoning the cube
  • Get on the road with these Best Road Trips in America.
  • BE FREE! Americans take fewer vacation days, work longer hours and report minimal happiness. Change it.

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