Healthy Diet

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Let’s be honest, “you are what you eat” is an overused saying. And yet it’s true. You are the physical embodiment of the choices you make in life. If you’re fit, you value the vessel you’re in, and you work to take care of it. But it’s more than that. Everything is more than black and white.

Vegetarian Living:

It’s the twenty-first century and you do not need meat to survive. When you eat meat, you’re responsible for the chain of events that took place to get that hunk of meat to your plate. You’re responsible for it because without the buyer, there is no chain. If you’ve seen any of the animal slaughter videos, read The Jungle, or even looked a puppy in the face and fallen in love, then you know it isn’t cool to kill for food when you don’t need it.

Protein comes from all kinds of wonderful things that didn’t once have a cute face. When I need more protein I eat beans. They didn’t have faces and they taste awesome. I eat them by the bowl. I’m fine. You’ll be fine too. And if you crave meat for a while when you quit, eat fake meat until you can kick the habit.

Sourcing Locally:

Sourcing locally-produced stuff makes sense. You support your local economy, which elevates you (eventually) as well, and you’re helping out the people around you, building community.

Organic Health:

Organic stuff is cool for a lot of reasons, but the primary one is that you’ll stop slathering your body inside and out with unpronounceable chemicals.

Sense of Humor:

Without a proclivity to laugh at yourself (and with the rest of the world) you’ll go insane. Check out some funny photos from our adventures around the world. Some are downright hilarious while others required us to be able to laugh at our situation (like renting a room with a pull-out couch for a bed, then pulling it out to find no mattress, only cold, rusty springs).