Mongol Rally 2010: From England to Ulaanbaatar in 44 Days

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The ATC Experience:

The ATC team made it to Mongolia at the end of August, 2010. To find out more about their experience on the rally, check out the following blog posts or take a peek at our sponsors.

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Media Coverage of ATC and the Mongol Rally

The Abandon the Cube team’s mission to race in the 2010 Mongol Rally was featured in the following newspaper:

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The Mongol Rally is an amazing adventure, but it is also a charity drive. Each team raises as much money as possible for charity, and we chose Mercy Corps- Mongolia. You can also donate directly to Mercy Corps – Mongolia via the First Giving button on the left. Every penny is appreciated. Suggested donation amounts available on the Sponsorship page! The rally is over, but Mercy Corps- Mongolia can always use ongoing support.

About the Rally:

The Mongol Rally began several years ago as a way to make the world less boring and to help our fellow man in the process. 500 cars depart from London, Spain, and Italy simultaneously, and race to Mongolia to donate their cars and an additional $1,700 USD to Mercy Mongolia.

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There are no rules in the Mongol Rally, no set route, no assistance on the road, and no way to make the 10,000 mile journey in an ill-suited, 1 litre car without encountering problems. As the founding father of the Mongol Rally said, “If you haven’t run into massive difficulties on the way, then you are doing something wrong!”

The rally is as much about charity as it is about making the journey. We helped out those in need while traveling through several countries, 10,000 miles and several epic adventures, including being nearly arrested in Ukraine, held in an armed compound at the Mongolian border, and driving past a rally team that had recently flipped and rolled their car. With several river crossings and pot holes larger than our Citroen Saxo, we’re happy the car made it as far as it did!

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About Mercy Corps – Mongolia:

Mercy Mongolia’s mission is to “alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.” In Mongolia, the focus is on civil society, natural resource management and economic development. A donation made through First Giving (on the left side bar) will help rural Mongolians in several ways. Visit the Mercy Mongolia page to learn more, but make sure to return here to donate online.

Below is a video about Mercy Corps – Mongolia and the Mongol Rally.


About the Team:

The ATC team is comprised of one car and three people. Our team team was in convoy with several other teams the duration of the rally, with team mates from over 6 countries in our convoy. Below is a picture of our 2001 Citroen Saxo car at Goodwood, the day before the officially rally launch.

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Sponsorship Proposal:

Below is a PDF document containing information for potential sponsors. If you think that might be you, contact us and we’ll worship the ground you walk on and send you whatever information you need. The Mongol Rally is over, but since we live on the road, we’ll be seeking sponsors again soon for our next adventure. Keep us in mind and contact us if you have loads of cash you need help getting rid of.