Niagra Falls, Canada

If you plan on visiting Niagra Falls, don’t skip the Canadian side. It doesn’t take that long to get across the border in Buffalo, so take a few extra hours and check out the much more impressive Canadian view. Why is it cooler? For one you have a clear shot at American Falls, which isn’t really visible from the U.S side. Also, the Fun Walkway along the Canadian side includes the Hershey factory, a retro Coca Cola shoppe, A Ripley’s, Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock—all nestles in a neat walkway with souvenirs, with the falls nearby. Fair warning—parking is $18 per car! To get by that we parked at the Duty Free shop, bought a bottle of Maker’s Mark and got free parking. Walked around the falls and then got to cut in the line to the USA directly from the Duty Free parking lot. Once they catch on they’ll figure out how to stop this, but in the meantime save yourself $18 on parking and get a cheap bottle of whiskey to boot.

The falls themselves are amazing, and it’s no wonder the US and Canada both wanted them. The spray comes up over the road, wetting the cars that drive by. You can walk down under the falls, which is amazing, or you can take a Maid of the Mist boat ride near both falls. They provide you with plastic rain covers. We didn’t do either because we have our newborn with us and it’s winter—too cold for the tiny tot. Instead, we watched the falls from the walkways and the bridge. Both beautiful views.

Final tip—if you’re leaving Canada get in the far right lane going through the border, it splits a few more times and it’s the fastest lane to be in.

More photos on the ATC photos page!

Lauren and Gwen inside a giant Hershey bar

Horseshoe falls.

3 thoughts on “Niagra Falls, Canada

  1. Jessica

    I’ve always wanted to visit Niagra falls, it’s definitely high on my to do list when I finally manager to get to the Americas. I’d never considered that there would be other tourist attractions there like giant Hershey bars 😛

  2. Craig in New England

    I went to Niagara Falls when I was a kid, I remember it being one of those natural beauties that should be in everyone’s bucket list.
    Word on the street is that the Canadian side is a lot better than the US side, I think your write up confirms that. I haven’t been to the Canadian side myself, maybe it’s time that I finally check it out.

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