One Month In: The ATC Bar

We’ve had the bar for a month now, and so far things are going well. We’ve made a few changes to the place that we think is helping, and already we’ve had a record month (ha ha). Below are some pictures of the bar, and more will follow. I’m also redesigning the menu, and we’re adding more seating. Of special interest, we bought fish for the vacant tank, so we have angels floating around the bar now. Nice.

That’s the front o the bar at night.

Also the bar at night (above).

Here is a better shot of the “Family Table” area. It seats seven expats or about twelve locals.

And a shot of the bar, if you look closely Mike is in the background. He’s drinking Baileys. Feel free to slap him for that when next you see him.

More photos were loaded onto the 12SQM Facebook page, and of course to the website.

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