Pictures from Across America

We’ve been in America for quite a few months now, and that has yielded some amazing photographs that we’d like to share with you! You can see more pictures we’ve taken from across America, and the globe in our Photo Album. As we prepare to head abroad, we’re reminded of how amazing this country really is, and how much it has to offer a tourist or a local. We traveled from the east coast to the Midwest, to Texas and then to the West coast– so we’re fairly happy with how much of America we were lucky enough to experience this trip. Without further ado, here is our photo tribute to America!

This is a picture of our house cat, Spice. It was great seeing pets and being around so many animals while we were in America. You can see other pictures of America, too.

This one is of a pelican on South Padre Island, in Texas. What a GIANT dinosaur of a bird.

This one is from Beech Mountain, North Carolina. In a tiny dinner in the basement of a general store in the Appalachian Mountains.

Remember the Alamo? We did on our way through San Antonio, Texas. What an amazing story (albeit a depressing one) and how interesting that it has been preserved so well.

The original Krispy Kreeme is in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Due to horrible marketing and over saturation of the market, the company isn’t doing as well as some had hoped. Nevertheless, it is as important a part of NC history as the Wright Brothers’ first flight.

In Rockford, Illinois, there still exists a bit of the midwest like we’d all like to imagine it– covered in red barns surrounded by corn fields and orchards.

Deep in the Redwood forests in California, lies a strange tourist attraction that makes environmentalists want to cry tears of sap. Someone has hallowed out a giant redwood so people can drive through it in their cars! We fit our minivan through it. It just goes to show… not only will we bust up the air with our emissions, we’ll drive our cars through trees! Go progress!

If you think I’m taking too many pictures of nature and animals then keep in mind we’ve been living in China– where both are in short supply. We’re now fascinated by animals and plants in a whole new way. This giant turtle is from the Gulf of Mexico (although, with the recent oil spill I kind of wonder what he is up to….)

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