Qingdao Beer Festival Preview

We’ve been in Beijing for about a year now and that means we’ve met some amazing folks living in China’s capital city. We’re heading east to Qingdao, an old German concession town on the ocean where they make, what else- beer! And not just any beer, but TsingTao, China’s largest beer export. And we’re going in a big, international group!

We’ve never been to this lovely coastal city, but hear that it boasts several impressive beaches along with old-world German architecture and of course a massive brewery. We’re hoping to catch a bit of all of these things in out long weekend there during the beer festival.

The festival has a reputation for getting out of hand…. quickly! So we’re’ excited about that. We’ve booked a whole hotel dorm and we’re heading out on the night train so we can arrive there bright and early to enjoy the beaches before we bath in the beer. Check out these crazy pics of past Qingdao festivals:

These guys look like they started early.

This looks pretty early in the day… and already it’s packed!

Let’s get this party started!

This guy has what looks like a Miller lite in his right hand….. odd.

Competitions keep things lively!

Straw contest. Sweet.

And finally, China’s youth corrupted German style.

Well, this is what we expect to see/experience from August 12-14 in Qingdao, China this year!

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