Refinishing a Three-Drawer Dresser and Obsessing Over Upcycle-ing

Well, like many Americans with time on their hands I’ve gotten into the upcycle trend of taking crap and making it treasure. It’s a fun past-time and I am enjoying feeling a bit green and hippie while producing hipster furniture. Naturally, like all hipster wannabes, I’m blogging about my masculine foray into woodwork.

Here is a before and after shot of a $20 old sewing table I refinished (ahem, upcycled) into a Chinese end table. The original singer sewing machine is still in it’s red belly, mocking me for my total lack of understanding of the realm of sewing. I had planned to rip it out and put in a bar (something I am very familiar with) but I couldn’t be arsed in the end to remove what little history remained in this piece.

before after

IMG_7720 IMG_7722 IMG_7726

Below are some photos of the next hipster project I undertook. I had an old three-drawer dresser loitering about in my guest bedroom, looking pathetic and scratched a bit to hell. So, I did what any hipster would do and primed it white. Here is the photographic evidence.

20140401_143519And then some photographic evidence of the priming project. Naturally, I took the photo with my smartphone. Anyways, here is the same dresser, primed and ready for paint!


The next phase is to spend about a week on Pinterest eyeballing other hipster’s projects and to (hopefully) pick a look I love and then try to copy it and claim credit for the concept. I’ll upload more photos of my upcycle project as it progresses.

This novice needs an overpriced locally-produced, organically handcrafted, fair-trade brew to consume while searching for the perfect paint color for my hipster dresser. Be back soon with pictures of the final project

_______(MUCH LATER)________

Okay ladies and gents, I know you have all been eagerly awaiting a picture of the final project. Here it is! It went peacock blue with a black antique glaze finished with a lacquer to give it some shine (and protect it from my birds, cat, dog and toddler).


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