Revamping the Website: Call for Suggestions

We’re busy brainstorming ways to make the Abandon the Cube website more accessible, easier to use, more graphically pleasing and better organized, and we’re hoping you can help us by sending in your ideas. Now you have a chance to help us make the site better. If you have some changes in mind, don’t hesitate to let us know! We know we’re new at this game, so your suggestions and ideas would be appreciated!

Since 2008 we’ve been teaching ourselves (through trial and error) how to make a website, how to market it, and how to maintain a constant level of new content. We’ve learned quite a bit since we first started, and although we’re still learning, we think its time for an overhaul.

Some of the areas we’d like to see revamped include:

• The website logo
• The graphics throughout the site, including specific graphics for each page
• Destination guides with more useful travel information
• More links to useful and related travel or job-quitting websites
• Maps, interactive and informative
• More interactive materials and concepts
• More resources for people hoping to ATC
• A database of information about abandoning the cube
• More films, books, music and TV related to Abandoning the cube

Please don’t hesitate to send us your ideas! Either post them below as a comment or send us an email at atc(at) We are looking forward to hearing your ideas!

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