So it goes

It’s a long story, and one we’ll share at another point, but we’ve moved on from our management of 12sqm Bar in downtown Beijing. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our regulars, customers, tourists and friends and family for making our experience as bar operators one of the most thrilling and rewarding jobs we’ve ever had!

Mike and I on our final day at the bar, a bit sad but full of amazing memories! (above).

Mike has one final beer and I mix a final cocktail at the bar. Happy times, great memories! (above).

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this the amazing, life-altering experience that it was!

1 thoughts on “So it goes

  1. Barry

    You two have handled this with grace! Well done!
    And you created an incredible experience and environment for everyone who entered your door.
    Best Bar Ever!

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