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The Mongolian Marlboro Man

The next morning we awoke to the sounds of horses. Billig had brought in a rather large brown horse for the evening, and he had strolled...

Mongolia: Where The Wild (Mustangs) Are

Tipsy and aboard a very stubborn and slow horse, I became angry at the brute for not obeying my drunken commands to go faster. Mike laughed...

Eating Dog, Drinking Vodka: The Mongolian Way of Life

The next morning we awoke early and asked Billig about borrowing a few horses. He pulled out his cell phone and made a few calls as he...

Living in a Mongolian Yurt

Abandon the Cube experiences the hospitality and accommodations of Mongolian people.

Into the Wilds of Mongolia

Abandon the Cube finds themselves without transportation in the Mongolian landscape without a map.

The Great Mongolian Escape

Abandon the Cube renewed their visas for China with a trip to Mongolia, although it was not what they expected.