Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Slovakia

At the core of Europe, there is an exquisite country with the population of around 5.5 million called Slovakia. Slovak Koruna used to be the currency of this country, but in 2009, it changed into Euro. Its capital city’s name is Bratislava. Slovakia is famous for its beautiful sceneries, stunning castles, friendly people and lively cities.
Slovakia has very attractive cities, spa, unique nature and UNESCO sights which are surviving for centuries. Here you can find so many rich, diversify and attractive places.

The top 5 tourist attractions in Slovakia are:


It is the capital city of the Slovakia and call it crowning the city of Hungarian kings. Its population is around 430,000 and lies near the banks of the Danube River. Bratislava is from the youngest cities of Europe, in past Bratislava’s names were Prespork, Pozsony and Pressburg. You can dive into this city’s pulsating life, enjoy coffee in its famous cafes, and take a walk in the city center. One of the prime attractions of this city is Bratislava Castle, the symbol of this city. This Castle appears on Slovak euro coins, which has four towers and overlooking the Danube. The new most famous attraction of this city is its UFO restaurant, which is located on its new Novy Most Bridge. This restaurant is that much higher that you can view the whole city from there. The Old Town Hall is also a famous place to visit and charming historical part of Bratislava. There are other so many attractive places like Devin Castle, St. Micheal’s Gate, President Palace, Hviezdoslav Square, Museum of Clocks, Slovak Radio Building and Bratislava Zoo.
Spis Castle


These ruins of Spis Castle are one of the famous, biggest castles in Europe, which is 900 years old. In the countryside on travertine rock you can find this beautiful Castle, this is the place form where landscape gives away. In UNESCO Heritage List, Spis Castle is legally listed because it is legally considered as one of the most valuable monument in the whole world. This place has its magical attraction, which drives you away in the old times, and you feel like walking in the streets of the old Spis Castle. They have very profound and extensive exhibition where you can spend your whole day wandering here and there. On weekends, you can find so many visitors and locals in the Spis Castle.
High Tatras


High Tatras are the symbol of Slovakia, which you can also find on the shield of the Slovak flag. High Tatras’ highest peak is 2655m high, and the name is GerlachovskyStit. It is a mountain range, so many visitors come here in the winter because of its ski resorts, stunning scenery and beautiful hotels. You can also find so many wild animals like wolf, bear, Eurasian lynx and fox. Visitors also visit High Tatras in summer for hiking. Those who don’t want to ski or hiking have walking routes, cable cars for beautiful views and can also chill at the lakes.


Kosice is the second massive city of Slovakia, with the population of 250,000. This city is located in the Eastern part of Slovakia. If you are a fan of cultural events or you like to attend a concert then you should visit Kosice. If you are interested to visit the biggest church in Slovakia, then you should also visit the St. Elizabeth Cathedral in Kosice, which was built in 1380.
Slovak Paradise National Park


The Slovak Paradise National Park is also located in the East Slovakia. If you would visit this place, then you can understand that why they call this park a ‘Paradise’. Take a break from your stressful life and daily hectic routine to visit this virgin nature. This place will make you forget about the other world because of its thick wood that you can’t see anywhere else. The most attractive part of this park is its ladders and steps made of iron plus its mountain riverbeds.

And a bonus:
Caves of the Slovak Crest


Slovakia is very famous for its caves, and they say that Slovakia has gems under its surface. It is surprising to have so many caves in such a small country, which are decorated and maintained for visitors. Some of its cave are: Dobšinská Ice Cave has decoration of ice, Gombasecká Cave where you can have a boat ride, and Ochtinská Aragonite Cave which is naturally decorated with crystals.

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  1. Afroz

    I’ve spent a bit of time in Slovakia. Slovaks are actually way ahead of many of the other foermr Soviet bloc countries in their attitude to change. Their economy is doing great they were once way poorer than Hungary (which used to rule them) and now are 10% richer. Those old bloc apartment buildings will never go away. They actually are pretty nice inside and the structure is relatively solid.

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