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Dear Readers,

Over the last several days / weeks, with faster internet connection and more free time, we have updated the site with several new pages, photos, and buttons. In an attempt to make our site easy to navigate, we would like to inform our readers of these changes.

  • Lauren has uploaded several new pictures into our photo album since we have better internet connection right now.
  • We have also created a Humor Page, which has a collection of funny pictures and stories from our trip.
  • Lauren has designed several Maps of our routes and the ridiculous, but awesome, Pan-Asian circle we are taking.
  • We have also added 5 new links to related articles that can be found at the bottom of each post.
  • We have added new polls to the website, which can be found on every page with the exception of the blog.  We will update you on the previous polls’ results shortly.

We have also added several new buttons to the front page that link to social network sites like Face Book, Twitter, and our RSS Feed:

Follow us on Twitter
Follow us on Twitter
Subscribe to our Blog
Subscribe to our Blog

Follow us on Facebook
Follow us on Facebook

We have also been told that there are some problems when viewing the site with Internet Explorer.  First of all, I can’t even express with words how much better Firefox is than IE, but I will do my best to fix this problem with Internet Explorer as soon as possible.

Also, if anyone has any recommendations or suggestions for our site, layout, posts or information,  please either comment on this post or visit our contact page.


Mike & Lauren

2 thoughts on “Updates about the Website

  1. Aunt Mary

    As usual, you continue to make this blog even easier to access. You are doing a great job Mike and Lauren, keep up the good work. Weather is beautiful back here….we are headed out to the Missouri River in SD to do some walleye fishing next weekend. The river is back up to normal so the fishing has been great. We will report back when we return as to what success we have. Travel safely, Love, Aunt Mary

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