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Abandoning the cube doesn't mean abandoning responsibility. We take our freedom from the office seriously, and do what we can to help others who are not as fortunate as ourselves. We fully encourage international and national charity work, and getting active in your community or abroad is a great way to learn more about the world and, of course, about yourself.

Teaching Abroad. In 2006 Abandon the Cube arrived in China to teach English. Teaching is a great way to gain international experience, learn about a new place while making enough money to live like a local, and to get away from the world you already know in exchange for a world you'll come to love. Abandon the Cube learned a great deal about the world through teaching, proving the old saying true that through teaching, the teacher learns more than the students. Learn more on the resources page.


Habitat for Humanity. In 2009 we got involved with Habitat for Humanity, a great organization doing amazing things for people. We learned a great deal about the organization and what it means to really get your hands dirty helping someone in need. Read more about Habitat for Humanity and Abandon the Cube's experiences giving a helping hand, or learn how you can help make someone's dream of owning a home come true.

Habitat for Humanity ATC

Mongol Rally. In 2010 Abandon the Cube took on the Mongol Rally, covering 10,000 miles in an ill-suited car across 15 countries. The adventure of a lifetime was also a fundraising event raising much-needed cash for Mercy-Corps Mongolia, a charity designed to help herders and families across the Steppe.

Mongol Rally ATC

Coming Soon. In 2011 Abandon the Cube will announce its next major Adventure Charity project. Check back to read the exciting news mid-year!



Read about our most recent trips and more in our travel blog,a great way to stay up to date on ATC happenings, events and stories.

Learn more about the travelers

Lauren and Mike began traveling together in 2006, learn about them, and how they ended up in the Far East.

Can you A.T.C?

If you want to Abandon the Cube and travel, consider teaching English abroad, working with Habitat for Humanity or raising money and traveling through the Mongol Rally. Of course, there are many great ways to travel or live abroad while helping the world around you... heck, there are great programs to help in your own community right now!


Abandoning the Cube isn't always easy. Thankfully we've compiled some resources to help you decide if now it the time to ATC, how to go about it, and things to do while abroad. Check it out!

Charity Adventures

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