An American Road Trip, the Highlights

We recently did a massive road trip across the motherland of America. Here are the absolute highlights for over a month on the road.

  • Bear Baiting in Big Bay
  • Niagra Fall, in Canada
  • Mount Washington Resort, in New Hampshire
  • The Freedom Trail, in Boston
  • Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, in Philadelphia
  • The Capital on a lazy Sunday, in DC
  • Carmen, in Winston-Salem, NC
  • The Ocean on Halloween, in Wilmington, NC
  • Drinking PBR during the day in Nashville, TN
  • Seeing Al Green, in Memphis
  • The flatlands of Oklahoma after seeing Oklahoma!
  • The world’s creepiest wasteland, outside of Las Vegas, New Mexico
  • Singing with Hippies, in Boulder, CO
  • Touring Vail by Moonlight
  • The Columbia River Highway, through OR
  • The beautiful rainforest drive on I-5N

1 thoughts on “An American Road Trip, the Highlights

  1. Pauline

    Great list! I did a similar trip for 3 months on a motorcycle last year, some of my favorite things included yosemite NP, seeing whales on Orcas Island, WA, Bryce Canyon, UT, and Chicago. Nice blog!

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