Humor | ATC

Traveling around the world can be challenging, but it can also be funny. Here are a few of the recent images that made us laugh. Captions below image.

China butt Baby

No. Those aren’t rivulets of sweat running down his back! It is quite common in China for bare butt babies to run around the streets, or in this case, take a naked ride on Dad’s bare shoulders. (Beijing, China)

Painting Fail in Turkmenistan

And I thought I hated my job. I don’t think I could miss this much paint if I tried. Best of his kind in Ashgabat, this professional painter left a business card behind if you would like to use his services. Any takers? I think my Mom wanted her deck stained… (Ashgabat, Turkmenistan)

Bad English | ATC

‘Love, Chaos & Dinner’, now thats something I want to wear on my shirt. We saw several Mongolians wearing shirts that made no sense. Epic win.

Mr Proper | ATC

Absoluetly no problem ripping off another company’s logo in Mongolia. Mr. Clean has nothing on Mr. Proper.

Accounting | ATC

A Mongolian lady in Big Burger, doing the accounting.

Strange Slovakian SIgn | ATC

Strange sign on the hostel door in Bratislava, Slovakia. No karate, no moose.

Camel Balls | ATC

Camel Balls. A delicious treat found in Slovakia.

wet paint | ATC

Warning! Anti Climb Paint. Even in the UK, signs don’t make sense.

Rabies | ATC

No animals permitted ashore. Must remain on the Thames. London is a strange city.


A loving sign reminding folks in Croatia not to smoke pipes while walking through the park.

Nude Sign | ATC

Another strange sign from Croatia… “no picture taking at the nudist beach?” we assume. Strict beach!

Flags | ATC

We saw this on the road in Texas. He cut in front of us, speeding, swerving and blaring country music. Good ol’ Republic of Texas, USA.

old age | ATC

I don’t understand this sign, but obviously we saw it in Texas, USA. Go figure.

SPI 30

On our way to Mexico we passed this Home Improvement Warehouse. FAIL. This was on the Texas, USA side…

Car wash | ATC

Notice the sign “hand wash, $4.99” yeah, didn’t make sense to us either. Some Americans just advertise for the hell of it.

Idiot Club | ATC

A tank at the turtle rescue center sponsored by the idiot’s club. Maybe those guys are a bit too honest? Texas, USA.

Dog Walker | ATC

This lady is walking her dog and pushing another one in a baby stroller down an otherwise normal street in the USA. Obsessed much?

Ice Cream | ATC

Non-dairy, caffeine free, soy, organic, low calorie frozen yogurt. Some people take the green movement too far. Texas, USA.

Shrek Hat  | ATC

All the rage in Istanbul, Turkey these Shrek-like hats appeared ridiculous to those of us unaccustomed to modern fashion.

Useless Sign | ATC

Hiking in the Bulgarian mountains, we came across the most useless and least helpful sign on the planet.

Car O Fruit | ATC

In Tashkent, Uzbekistan an entire mini van is filled with apples. If only we had been there to snap a picture when they open the trunk to unload…

Sad Puppy | ATC

This sad puppy looks forlorn upon the “no dogs allowed” sign on the front a shop in Slovenia.

Confusing Signs | ATC

Extremely confusing signs in the ruins of Troy, in Turkey. One says “Danger, no passage!” the other says “Tourist Route!”

Why you Need Editors | ATC

Just another reason why it is better to invest in an editor than to buy another canopy. Istanbul, Turkey.

No Call Call Button | ATC

The “no call” call button, on a train between Istanbul, Turkey and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Capitan Matt  | ATC

Capitan Lauren | ATC

Cpt Mike | ATC

Matt, Lauren and Mike, sipping Cpt. Morgan on Lauren’s Birthday while on a cruise of the Med Islands off the coast of Turkey.

Pure Dumb Lock | ATC

This lock protects tourists from the remains of Marcus Aurillius, in Olympos, Turkey. Notice the lock’s positioning. Not smart. Not smart…

McDonald's Baby | ATC

A super-creepy McDonald’s doll in an Ankara, Turkey shop. McDonald’s can’t actually support babies eating junk food…. can they?

Sign | ATC

Beware midget Scotsmen and colonial British man! Seen in Yusufeli, Turkey….where there actually is a fear of the Scottish.

Chick meat | ATC

A tasty roll of chick meat. Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan.

Tumor | ATC

The Chemist’s Shop for Tumor of Shanghai, China.

Pizza | ATC

If you order delivery pizza in Ashgabat, it comes flat on a piece of cardboard covered in a plastic bag, and then stuffed inside another plastic bag by Pall Mall. The Pizza place is called Bagdad.

Rules the World | ATC

Whoever made this globe has obviously never been to outter space, nor seen a map. Turkmenistan does not take up half the earth.

Goner | ATC

Gonur, the best beer in Ashgabat. So awesome even the picture gets blurry after a few sips. After drinking one, you can always tell whose a goner.

Summer Palace | ATC

Emergency exit at the Old Summer Palace, in China.

Love you Long Time | ATC

Fulfilling a stereotype. Her shirt actually says “me will love you long time.” Jingshang park, China.

In case of fire run | ATC

In case of fire… jump overboard. The fire hydrant on our Yangzi River Cruise boat in China left a lot to be desired.

Cruise rating | ATC

The 4-star cruise ship we took down the Yangzi River in China was lacking in every possible way… including one of the stars.

Humor face | ATC

What exactly is face control? That images was from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Tickle | ATC

In Almaty, Kazakhstan, beware of running ticklers.

Camels | ATC

In the deserts of Turkmenistan, beware of bloody, hand-drawn camels.

Bed | ATC

At the Caspian Sea in Turkmenistan, make sure you request a mattress on your bed. Otherwise an ancient pull out couch with a metal frame suffices.

Sign | ATC

In no-man’s-land between Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, there is a sign with every other country’s capital in CA. This is one useful road!

Almaty | ATC

In Almaty, Kazakhstan anything goes! And that applies to the left AND right.

Napkin one | ATC
Napkin two | ATC
napkin three | ATC
napkin four | ATC

Napkin folding and arranging is a pastime in Central Asian restaurants, unfortunately the arrangement is not very practical.

Fish on Sish | ATC

What exactly is a ‘fish on a shish”? Other notable menu items we’ve seen include “Language Beef” (aka: cow tongue) and “Cancer and Corn” (turns out its crab and corn). Not sure where they get crab in Central Asia.

go sht | ATC

Its how you say “butcher” in Central Asia. “Hey honey, go down to the go’sht and get some lamb.”

laughing man | ATC

“Hey! I finally beat Sudoku!” Shanghai, China.

Not my job | ATC

Another edition to the “it’s not my job” collection, thanks Samarkand, Uzbekistan. (We walked past the four managers and one painter slowly moving along this road in 100 degree weather).

Duck tongue | ATC

Duck tongue. It’s whats for dinner. Shanghai, China.

Ladin | ATC

We’ve been looking in all the wrong places for this guy. Almaty, Kazakhstan.

cables | ATC

And yet, some parts of China do not have electricity. Another edition of “its not my job” in Shanghai, China.

Editor | ATC

And this is why you should ALWAYS have an English speaking editor. Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Soap | ATC

When selling a product internationally, check that your brand name does not have unintended meanings. Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Boogerdork 1 | ATC
boogerdork 2 | ATC

Now entering and ‘town finished’ signs for the town of booger-dork, which has a population of about 12 humans and 14 camels. Bokurdok, Turkmenistan.

Barf | ATC

Barf. The leading detergent brand in Uzbekistan.

Do not dive | ATC

At the pool in Ashgabat, you are instructed not to die.

Stud | ATC

Stud Burger, the best a man can get in Uzbekistan.

Snobs | ATC

Snobs. The only diamond boutique in Uzbekistan.

Enter | ATC

Enter where? Uzbekistan has no sense of direction.

Music | ATC

In some areas of Ashgabat, brass instruments are not allowed.