Ramtha, J-Z Knight, and Yelm’s Only Local Cult

Yes, we have a cult in my home town. No, I’m not a member. But I do find it endlessly amusing that the town literally lives and breathes because Judy Zebra Knight decided to put her spirit channeling compound smack dab in the middle of Washington’s most backward real-estate. The cult, which is based around the premise that Judy (known as J-Z Knight) channels a 35,000 year old Lemurian warrior who, like the character Lyn Cassedy in The Men Who Stare At Goats, was a soldier who decided to forgo war in favor of teaching love, acceptance and following an egalitarian dream. Ramtha taught his followers and then ascended into the clouds, only to reappear some 35,000 years later in 1977 to the Rosewell born Miss Knight.

Because the Ramsters (as they are locally known) are such a loving and kind group of folks, they’ve been telling everyone in the area about their ascended warrior-turned-preacher friend who only appears through a blond woman in her 50s.  Here are some bits of information about the cult that you wont find elsewhere: 1) There is a giant maze on J-Z Knight’s compound. The faithful are put in blindfolds and released in the maze, the spirit of Ramtha is said to guide them out. However, we know from having talked with folks in the cult, that people stand atop the maze and whisper directions to the people lost inside; 2) Ramtha claimed to be a warrior 35,000 years ago leading 2.5 million soldiers into battle. This number far exceeds the actual number of human beings alive 35,000 years ago.  Oops; 3) The Ramsters, despite their message of ‘You as God’ believe very strongly in the end of days, and to that regard are building underground shelters around Washington (more to come on that in a blog later this month). And, 4) the cult has attracted a huge following, which has expanded the town and provided us ultimately with a Wal-Mart. But to counter the surge in Ramster followers, churches of more traditional faiths are springing up all over the area, so a virtual spiritual war is taking place in the little, formerly sleepy town of Yelm. You can see this played out everywhere. In the town’s only movie theater there are ads before the films for Christian schools and church programs that follow ads about hair stylists who have the Ramster symbol on their ad, subtly in the corner but a clear signal to fellow Ramsters to get their hair cut at the Ramster salon rather than other salons.

So, while you try to sleep tonight, think of a place that is deep in the evergreen forest, surrounded by meth labs and poverty, and in the middle a shiny white french colonial palace full of people worshiping a 35,000 year-old warrior turned ghost.


5 thoughts on “Ramtha, J-Z Knight, and Yelm’s Only Local Cult

  1. AbandontheCube Post author

    We’ve received several comments from members of the Ramtha community. We have declined to approve these comments because they contain foul language and veiled threats. If you are a member of the community and would like to post a comment, keep it clean and free of threats and we’ll approve it. Any threats we receive are documented locally.

    Take into consideration this is a private blog comprised of OUR perspectives, and that the information about the Ramtha community was based on research online and interviews with former members. We did not make up this information. We had no personal problem with the Ramtha community. Our goal was merely to point out to our readers that the group exists, and provide some details about the group. With the number of threatening messages we’ve received our personal opinions about the group have changed. This level of harassment is unacceptable.

    If you don’t like the content on our blog, you can certainly click to another site and find a blog that you’d prefer to spend your time reading. Any further threats we receive will be passed on to local authorities.

  2. Dealerblue

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