5 Great Things to Learn in Thailand

There’s no doubt Thailand belongs to the world’s most popular and exciting vacation destinations. Thanks to the amazing natural potential which gave this authentic Asian country plenty of beauties reflected in fabulous beach landscapes, fascinating rainforest vastness and wildlife diversity, it definitely has much to offer to everyone who sets out here. Actually, spending a time in Thailand, apart from pleasant seaside moments, opens opportunity for other unforgettable ventures, such as wonderful things to learn. If you want to merge amusement and pleasure along with creating memories for life, enrich your Thai time with those funny activities:

Take a cooking class

Cooking Classes in Thailand - Abandon the Cube

Great things to learn in Thailand include taking a cooking classe.

Thai cuisine is pure explosion of delicious tastes, exotic ingredients and fascinating cooking skills combined in the way which leaves exceptional impression to anyone who tries Thai specialties. Regardless whether you’re fan of exotic dishes or you want to take a piece of Thai cooking magic with you, cooking classes will give you fun and a chance to discover the secrets of one of the world’s most astonishing cuisines. While you can choose the exact length of the course, cooking experts are also willing to present you crucial spices and combination of groceries needed for authentic meal. Besides, you’ll be taught some great culinary tricks and, what’s very exciting- there are stunning food kinds you’ll introduce for the first time.

Scuba diving schools

Scuba Diving in Thailand - Abandon the Cube

Learn to scuba dive in Thailand

You were admiring outside sea wealth of Thailand beaches, but what’s deep in the water will certainly blow you away. There’s no excuse to miss this stunning adventure, since most of the coastal and island resorts abound with schools offering excellent scuba diving courses. Apart from receiving great knowledge about diving techniques and equipment, trainers will lead you through the most glorious submarine places where you’ll be face to face with sensational animal species and divine undersea scenes.

Learn massaging techniques

Learn massage in Thailand - Abandon the Cube

Massage techniques specific to Thailand can be picked up while staying in country.

There’s nothing what explains Thai pleasure more than perfectly performed mind and body relaxing treatments. Although pure joy comes from the moments while you’re relishing in wonderful massage during your leisurely vacations, wouldn’t it be great for you too to actually learn Thai massaging techniques? Unique mixture of skills and knowledge related to body care achieved maximum in Thailand, and for those who treat their bodies with respect, there are beneficial coaching opportunities where you can master fantastic massaging techniques. This way you won’t just gather magnificent manual skills to afford to your friends or family members, but you’ll discover which methods thrill your body.

 Practice yoga and meditation

Learn yoga in Thailand - Abandon the Cube

Though it hails from nearby India, yoga has become popular in Thailand.

Oriental spirit of Thai culture is greatly expressed in local meditation activities, which are real treasure for our mind. Whether you already meditate or you plan to start yoga sessions soon, Buddhist temples in Thailand are the best place where you can learn original and proper ways of successful mind –relaxing mediation.

Take a batik course

Learn Batik in Thailand - Abandon the Cube

Learn to dye fabrics the traditional way in Thailand.

Thailand offers a chance to expand your creativity by obtaining unique batik skills based on artistic textile dying. This traditional craft is pretty attractive, interesting and useful, so you can apply it whenever you make decorating items or authentic gifts. Besides, batik course will flare-up your imagination and boost your artistic potential.

* Guest post by Nicole Noel

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  1. Robert

    We had a wonderful time in Thailand 2 years ago! Enjoyed Scuba Diving off the island of Koy Samui. There are some excellent dive shops in Thailand with very experienced PADI Instructors! The massages were great as well! 🙂

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