Travel Writer: Lauren

Lauren grew up everywhere and nowhere. As a military brat, her bedroom quite often consisted of whatever she unpacked from her suitcase.

Lauren - ATC(image) Shanghai, China

Lauren went to college in Minnesota, where she triple majored in English literature, political theory and world history. After living in one place for two years (a near record) she became exhausted and journeyed to Central Asia and then China before graduating in 2005. She has permanent frostbite damage on two toes from her time in the tundra.

Darvaza Lauren | ATC

(image above) Darvaza, Turkmenistan, 2009

After college, Lauren tried to avoid taking a real job by applying to grad school. Oddly enough, she was accepted– and attended Illinois State University, where she earned an MS in non-western history. She worked at a museum while she earned her degree, and, more importantly, she met the charming and dashing Michael B., a guitar player and avid watcher of Steve McQueen movies.

After graduation Lauren and Mike traveled to China. Tickets were bough, travel books were consulted and, in June of 2006, the two met at the airport amid a blur of kisses and waves to family, and departed for an epic adventure across the most populated country in the world.

Khiva Lauren | ATC

(image above) Khiva, Uzbekistan, 2009

In a scheme to earn some money, Lauren and Mike took “real” jobs in Shanghai. It was in Shanghai’s corporate underbelly that Mike and Lauren realized cubicles were the same no matter the location. They have decided to abandon the cube for good. They have been on the road full-time since May, 2009 and have traveled from Shanghai to America, and back again a few times, all by land and sea. Check out the 2009 circumnavigation, or their 2010 Mongol Rally adventures, or read about their 2011 adventures owning a small pub in Beijing. Their latest adventures include camping and kayaking with their toddler in the USA.

Urgench Lauren | ATC

(Image above) Urgench Fortress Ruins, Uzbekistan, 2009

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