Best American Road Trips

Here, we highlight the BEST road trips across the United States of America. From fun in the sun on a southern crossing to a frigid northern adventure across the tundra of the American north, here are the best ways to experience, enjoy and travel through the US by car.

A Southwest Adventure with Cinema as Your Guide

Travel from LA to the city of sin, then up to Area 51 to get your geek on before touring Route 66 and circling back to L.A, all possible within a week.

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The Best West Coast American Road Trip

Explore the West Coast, from California to Alaska, with these highlights to hit along the way. Yes, you’ll have to pop into Canada for a spell but it’s still a mostly American road trip. Cut out the northern part and do San Diago to Seattle for the abbreviated, all-American version. We did most of this route, including the stunning Redwood Forrest, a few years back and can’t recommend the West Coast high enough.

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The ATC Route From East to West on the Trans-Continental Drive

We drove from the extreme north of the continental US to the East Coast, and then across the entire continent, hitting the highlights along the way, before landing along the West Coast. We did all of this with a newborn, in a tiny car, in only a few weeks. And then, because we’re mad– we did it in reverse a few weeks later and went back to the East Coast.

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