Antique Desk Remodel

This is my first desk remodel and I have to say, it went alright!

I bought this crappy desk off of Craigslist and didn’t take a photo of it before I got to work. However, I did find a very similar one again on Craigslist and have a photo of that which will have to suffice as my “before” photo.

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 2.17.34 PM

I started by filling in verner cracks, something I spend a good deal of time doing these days, it seems. Then, I took off all the hardware and spray painted them with a hammered steel metal paint. They look great now, the old bronze look was too dated for the plan I have for this desk.

Next I primed the sucker really well. It had a lot of imperfections so a thick coat of primer worked to add bulk and fill in some of the cracks. If this is what you’re priming for, try tilting your furniture piece and priming one side at a time. The top side will allow the primer to kind of settle and level on it’s own and erase brush strokes. Takes a few days to prime one thing but it really does work well.

Next I painted the desk a bright green. I’ve been wanting to try a green piece for a while so this is what I settled on. I love it.

I slapped the hardware back on after a few coats of protective finish and here you have it, a sexy desk remodel.


IMG_7737 IMG_7735 IMG_7733

Oh, and for a little chic surprise, I did some damask designs on the drawers. Mommy has a like.

IMG_7739 IMG_7740

Hope you like it, and sorry there was no real tutorial here. This was just something I was doing for fun.

Total cost for this project: Desk $40; paint: $18= $58. For sale at Melange in Winston Salem: $148.00.

You can find this desk for sale at Melange, in Winston-Salem, NC. See my other items on Etsy at Fernweh Originals or visit my Facebook Page, Fernweh Originals.

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