Bear Baiting in America

By bear baiting we do in fact mean we’re baiting a bear. Bear baiting consists of taking a bunch of fish guts, molasses-dipped bread and other smelly stuff and tossing it in a pile in the woods. Then you take big logs and toss them on top. When the bear gets hungry he pulls apart the logs and eats the mess beneath, and the hunter can tell if the logs were moved and the chow consumed. You apparently bait a bear for a long time, and then when bear season opens you go sit in a tiny metal chair strapped to a tree and watch for the bear.

In addition to bear baiting, we’re also doing a spot of fishing. So far we’ve only caught tiny perch, walleye and a few small mouth bass, but most of them are not keepers, and the few that are keepers are tiny. No luck there, but it’s such a beautiful thing to be out in nature, rocking in the boat and watching the sun go down. We’re not at all bothered that the fish aren’t biting.

And I, for one, and happy that the bear keeps outsmarting the hunters.

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