Doing the Math



The Statistics Are In
7 Cities
4 Trains
3 Countries
2 Buses
2 broken backpacks
1 Car
$ 464 USD Per person (3,175 RMB)*
11,896 miles
Shanghai to Tashkent
Twenty days

*20 Days of normal living in Shanghai = 3,573 RMB ($523 USD)

6 thoughts on “Doing the Math

  1. Josh

    Now THAT is amazing. What did you do…hard seat the whole way?

    Next time you ought to add an 8th city…Karamay 🙂

  2. abandont Post author

    If we come back through Xinjiang, we will definitely go to Karamay. Sorry we didn’t make it up there. Hard sleeper all the way!!

  3. Aunt Mary

    How exciting for us to see the world through your eyes. Your photos are just amazing Lauren and we look forward to each and every new addition to the blog. We wish you safe travels and exciting adventures. We are all fine back in MN!

    Aunt Mary

  4. Brian

    Hey guys, as u are in Tashkent, check out Central Asian Center of Palov (popular local food), every taxi driver knows this place. U gonna enjoy it !

  5. Brook

    Absolutely budget travel. People always think travel is so expensive, but you guys are living proof that big adventures can be had for very low cost.

  6. abandont Post author

    Yeah, we have been going the cheapest possible way the entire trip (middle class on the trains is the only exception, which is a hard sleeper car, a giant step above the hard seats in third class).

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