Don’t Miss: The Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2013

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Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2013

You may have caught some of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo on the television in previous years, or you may have been lucky enough to see it in person at some point in your life. If either of these is true, you’ll know just how incredible an event it really is and an absolute must-see if you’re planning a visit to Edinburgh in the near future.

Since its official inception in 1950, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo has gone from strength to strength. From its humble beginnings, providing entertainment for 6000 spectators to what the event is today – a total sell-out, with over 217,000 people catching the performances at some point or other. With the majestic Edinburgh Castle dominating the background, the Tattoo is held on the esplanade in front of the castle, where temporary Grandstands are constructed so that spectators can enjoy the show in comfort.

Having been a sell-out for the last decade at least, the Military Tattoo is a pinnacle part of the calendar – not just for Scottish nationals but for visitors from the rest of the UK and beyond. During August, the Tattoo is performed every weekday evening and twice on Saturdays – regardless of the weather. If you are lucky enough to secure tickets for the second Saturday night performance, you will also be treated to fireworks and a pyrotechnic display. This year, which celebrates the Year of Natural Scotland, the Tattoo is run between the 2nd and 24th August, giving you plenty of dates to play with.

As part of the event, you can enjoy music and performances by military bands and tribes from all over the world, which leaves spectators emotional and brimming with pride. The Tattoo is run for charity, with money going towards military charities every year as well as providing valuable funding for the Edinburgh economy.

If you want to see something completely unique and memorable this year, the Military Tattoo could be the perfect thing for you. Make sure you stay until the end, when the pageantry ends with the sound of the lone piper, high in the castle ramparts, plays his lament. It’s often considered to be the most spectacular show in the world and while watching it broadcast on TV is immense, nothing will compare to actually being there.

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