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I’m happy to announce that I have begun selling my artwork. You can find paintings, custom hand-painted furniture and home decor by me at Fernweh Originals on, Facebook or browse originals and reconstructions at Melange in Winston Salem, NC.


Original artwork and headboard by Fernweh Originals

I want to thank all of you for being supportive of my art over time. It has been amazing hearing many of you encouraging me to list and sell my artwork. I want to thank my family– and Kristin and Heidi in particular– for their recent encouragement.

Gallery Showing:
I will be holding my first exhibit this summer. Please stay tuned for more information!


Lauren: Designer at Fernweh Originals

What’s Online?
My paintings and home decor are listed on, and include shipping costs. As friends and family, if you would like to buy a painting you can contact me directly and I can arrange to deliver it to you if you live on the East Coast (The D.C area to N.C).


Original artwork available on Etsy.

What’s in North Carolina?
Much of what I have for sale is presently in the Piedmont. You can find larger items (like refurbished furniture, chandeliers, home decor, etc.) at Melange off University Avenue in Winston Salem. You can also find items at Farrago, off Hanes Mall Drive. Contact me if you see an item you like and I’ll direct you to it’s location!


Custom, French-inspired piece. Available at Melange in W-S, NC.

Custom Artwork:
I will be creating commissioned, custom artwork in addition to the selection you can find online and in the Piedmont. To order a custom piece, please contact me directly with your ideas to receive a quote.

The Process:
You can find many of the items I’ve created for sale in my blog roll. I sometimes have before/after photos of furniture I refurbish, as well as art pieces that are on-going or over-sized. To find anything related to my art, search Fernweh Originals as a keyword on the ATC blog, or DIY.

Thank you all for your ongoing, loving support and for encouraging me to pursue my dreams!


Abandon the Cube !!!

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