Europe is a heavily traveled continent, and we don’t profess to know the area well. All the same, we spent some time in Europe and have guides and photo galleries below for some of our favorite places.


After several visits to Belgium, we’re convinced they are exporting the best of what they produce. Still, there is a rich and vibrant history in this country, and who wouldn’t want to see Tin Tin’s homeland? Check out the Belgium Guide and Belgium Photo Gallery, for more.


Paris is the city of love, and what better place to have visited for a 16th birthday trip? From that trip (and many more) we fell in love with France and that love affair continues. See our France Guide for more information or just fall in love vicariously through the France Photo Gallery.


We spent a number of years in southern Germany, a fascinating place filled with interesting people, rich culture and long history. Learn more in our Germany Guide and see the wonder in the Germany Photo Gallery.


From Venice and beyond, we experienced Italy over several trips. See more in the Italy Photo Gallery or delve deeper with the Italy Guide.


This tiny country has a big heart– and lots to explore. Learn more in the Luxembourg Guide or check out photos from our trips in the Luxembourg Photo Gallery.

United Kingdom

After several visits to the UK, we’ve fallen in love with the charm of London and the beautiful scenery along the coasts. See more in the UK Photo Gallery, or read about the country in the UK Guide.