Gwendolyn Xiaolong

Newer photos loaded every few days at the bottom of the page. NEW!

Here are photos of Gwendolyn at the hospital. We’ll load more on this same page soon. Check back in a week once we get the rest of the memory cards rounded up!

Lauren with Gwen one day one, still in the hospital.

Mike and Gwendolyn, a few hours after birth.

Lauren’s mother with Gwen, hours after birth.

Lauren’s sister with Gwen, day three.

Gwen’s tiny feet– day two.

Gwendolyn, day one. Hours after birth.

She looks like a little umpa-lumpa! Day one.

About her name: Gwendolyn Xiaolong. “Xiao” means “little” in Chinese. Long means “dragon,” so her middle name is “little dragon.” Xiaolong is pronounced “shaow-long.” All one word.

We named her this because it is the year of the dragon, a fortuitous year to be born. She was also born in the 8th month, the luckiest month and one associated with fortune. Since she was born in China we wanted her to have a piece of her story in her name. Plus, she really is turning into a little dragon beast!

Here are some of our nurses and our translator. We had about 20 nurses on various shifts and three doctors. (Photo from Dad)

Gwendolyn in a tiny monk hat. So adorable and grouchy looking. Three days old. (Photo from Dad).

Here is our last photo before we went into the delivery room. Still pregnant and oblivious to the trials ahead!

Lauren’s grandma, Gwen’s GG. (photo from Dad).

The first moment Mike saw Gwen. Minutes old.

Lauren’s sister, on her birthday, the 4th. Also, Obama’s birthday she informed me. (Photo from Dad).

Gwen with her fairy god mother, Lauren’s sister. (Photo from Dad).

Gwen at exactly one day old. She was born at 5:35pm. She rolled over and looked at the clock (and didn’t seem happy about the result). (Photo from Dad).

With all the photos FROM Dad, this is the only one OF Dad and Gwen.

Here she is in her little sling. We tried to take her out for her first outing a few days after we came home from the hospital and she just wouldn’t have it. Ended up staying in.

Aaron came over to see the mini-me. He held her for less than five minutes and she pooed on his lap. Least she was in a diaper and Aaron was a good sport about it!

Grammy all dressed in white for the baptism.

Uncle Sam, reclining in his baptism garb.

A great shot of the baptism of Gwen by Dad and Grammy. A beautiful ceremony in the park.

Our little family at Gwen’s baptism.

Lauren and her siblings at the lake for the baptism.

All the boys at the baptism playing Abby Road.

Gwen at her swearing in ceremony at the US Embassy. Applying to get her passport and SS card. Yay, another American!

my auntie is awesome!

look at my pretty dress!


“i feel pretty, oh so pretty!”

Two of the girls, and the cat is still bigger!

The godmother supplied little Gwen with so many pretty clothes.

Tiny cargo pants for a newborn! ha!

Gwen in one of her godmother’s outfits. This one was hand made!

Uncle Sam holding Gwen.

Gwen visits her friend Lily. They have a stare down in the nanny’s arms.

She weighs 4.54kg at 3 weeks. Lilly weighed 4.71 and is a few weeks older.

Nuts about Grandma.


Alfalfa hair and princess shoes.

My princess shoes.

cute expression.

pretty in my squid dress.

1950s baby.

baby cheeks.

snake style martial arts pose.

mama and baby.

my other babies!

asleep at last, asleep at last, thank heaven she’s asleep at last.

She looks like a female Eminem in this outfit.

Gwen’s one month birthday outfit. polka dots, tutu, pink and skin tight– so adorable.

Gwen in her birthday suit, on her one-month birthday!

At one month, Gwendolyn in her Great Grandma’s hand-made baptism outfit.

Gwen was born at around 15 inches, and today she was at 18 inches — one month later. Happy Birthday Gwenie!

Mike looks a tad uncomfortable. Cute.

Two little hippos.

Mom with her creepy, freaky green rabbit doll. Yes, she carries it down the street with her.

Baby, baby mama and baby’s mama’s mama.

The Chinese says “Beijing” because she is our little Beijing baby dragon.

_________________From China to the USA____________________

Our last moment in China at the Beijing Airport.

Gwendolyn meets her grandma Bromley.

..and Gwen meets her grandpa Bromley as well!

Gwen gets ready for Thanksgiving a bit early.

This is the creepiest rendition of this American classic I’ve seen in a while.

Mama tells Gwen to learn to drive early.

Gwen sings Elvis songs on the car ride north.

A beautiful smile from a beautiful baby girl. She smiled after a silly joke.

She made this face when I told her that there wouldn’t be a Madagascar IV.

At the smell of beer, Gwendolyn makes a face. And yes, I’ve become that crazy person who snaps millions of photos of her baby and posts them online.

A beautiful knit sweater gift from family friends up in Big Bay. Thanks Ray and Lionna!

Cute sleeping outfit for Gwen from the Bradleys. Thanks guys! She looks adorable, and the giraffe may be her power animal.

————–And now, a series of photos of Gwen’s blowouts————

Here’s Gwen pooping in grandma’s arms.

And here she is having exploded out of her onesie, over her pants and all over her new sweater (oh, and on Mike and grandpa bromley’s armchair)

Here’s mama cleaning up the aftermath.

And finally, Mike changing his first diaper with Gwen one day old.

Oh my, a massive blowout while visiting family in North Carolina. Below, the changing photo.


Here I change her diaper on the lawn in Philadelphia, where our nation’s independence was announced.

————–Back to poop-free photos————-

Uncle Sam naps with Gwen.

A cute duckie outfit for bed time.

A pretty outfit for Uncle Sam’s golden birthday party!

Little Gwen in her greaser outfit.

Daddy and Gwenie hanging out outside.

BearPaw introduces Gwen to an alpaca.

Party outfit!

Daddy’s pretty baby.

Auntie Kristin, who dresses Gwen so nicely.

Honi takes a nap with Gwen.

An OMG cute sleeper outfit.

Cabin clothes for Auntie and Gwenie.

Gwen at Lake Michigan.

Daddy and Gwen at Lake Michigan.

Gwen at her Build-a-Bear Dragon take a road trip.

Gwen meets her first Canadian.

“Oh hai, why you no talk to me?”

One happy road-tripping baby.

Gwen’s first interaction with a giant personified piece of candy.

Inside a giant Hershey’s bar = heaven for mama and Gwen.

Hard Rock cafe- Niagra Falls = CHECK!

Daddy and Gwen at Niagra Falls, Canada.

The family at the falls.

Gwen, the little angel, and her awesome pacifier.

So happy to be so fashionable!

A cute hat from Auntie Gayle.

mama rocks a baby to sleep in a cute snail-themed nightie. Ironically, she fell asleep slowly, too.

Daddy picked out my outfit. I look like a grouchy, color-blind umpa-lumpa.

Uncle Mike shows the kids how to hold a baby.

Uncle Mike teaches a class about China to nephew Andrew and his lovely classmates in New Hampshire.

Loves her car seat.

Gwen sees the liberty bell.

The first cousins meet! Cooper and Gwen (and my cousin Josh and I).

The first cousins.

holy cute.

Great Oma and Cooper and Gwendolyn.

Great Opa and Gwendolyn.

A cute Calvin Klein outfit from Aunt Nancy!

Grandma’s new pink outfit for Gwen.

Gwen’s Halloween costume.

Gwen on her 3-month birthday!

Grandma holds Gwen (photo from Aunt Kim!)

Lauren’s grandparents at the Melang family photo shoot!

Family photo.

In Nashville, a lovely hat and sweater from Aunt Pam, Sarah and Uncle Erik!

Gwen goes to Tootsies, in Nashville.

Another Nashville bar, 3pm. Awesome.

Gwen sees Al Green, in Memphis.

Gwen visits Bill Clinton’s library, in Little Rock.

A cute outfit for her day in Tulsa.

Gwen visits Uncle Sam in OK.

Peanuts in Colorado Springs.

Gwen meets a Jarvis.

At Garden of the Gods.

Gwen keeps an eye out for snakes.

“This pool is just my size!”

Gwen wears little Bear Paws cuz she missed her BearPaw and Honi.

Kristin teaches Gwen how to sing……. then the baby took over!

So chic and fashionable.

Gwen turns 4 months

Present from Auntie K

Toy from fairy Kris

Gwen’s first thanksgiving

Visiting friends.

Holy cuteness, Batman.

Almost Christmas!

Gwen’s first snow


More cuteness.


Daddy’s helper

To the beach!

Gwen turns 5

Present from Kris


Photo shoot


Playing with Grampy

Grammy babysits!

Lovin’ on Grampy

Playing in the high chair

Eating crushed peas.

How you doin’?

Too much fun!

family photo!

We’ll load more photos soon. Check back if you’re interested.

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  1. Kelly

    Congratulations Lauren and Mike! What amazing pictures! Enjoy….that little dragon! Hugs love and kisses from the JMelang crew!

  2. Brianna

    Love all the pictures! She really is beautiful!! Congrats you guys! Can’t wait for more pictures 🙂

  3. Aunt Tina

    Gwen is such a little cutie! I cannot wait to see and hold her. I especially like “inconceivable”… My favorite movie and my favorite niece. What could be better!

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