Happy New Year from Abandon the Cube

Whistler Woods

Winter Wonderland

We hope the New Year brings about lots of good things for all of our readers!  Lauren and I will be in the US for the first quarter / half of 2010.  We will spend our time writing, updating the website, and searching for sponsors while we are preparing for the 2010 Mongol Rally.  We also hope to fit in some travel and sightseeing in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.  Please check back with us frequently and especially during the Rally!

Don’t be shy, if you happen to work for or know a company who might be interested in sponsoring our team, please send us their contact information or feel free to download and pass on our sponsorship proposal to them.  Once again, best wishes for 2010 to everyone and thank you for reading / visiting our site.

~ Mike & Lauren

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