Mongol Rally News Update

Mongol Rally Logo

Mongol Rally Logo

Planing for the 2010 Mongol Rally is in full swing at Abandon the Cube. We’ve set up a page on our website: Mongol Rally to enlighten folks on our team’s progress, how to donate online, and more about Mercy Mongolia, our official charity. We have also created a nifty Sponsorship Proposal to help y’all donate with ease. While our primary aim is to find and secure corporate sponsors, we are always looking for friends of ATC to help in the form of assistance in marketing and fund-raising as well as donating their time and talent.

Below is a more information on the specifics for the team’s needs this summer. For more information, check out the website for the latest news and updates.


Our budget has been calculated at the following costs:

For charity: $1,580 USD

2 cars, fully decked out: $2,500 USD

Equipment for 40 days, 8 people: $2,000 USD

Visas for 8 team members: $1,500 USD

Registration fees for cars and members: $1,500 USD

Food and Gas allowance: $2,000 USD

Emergency fund: $1,000 USD

Total:$12,080 USD


Meanwhile, we have set up a list of needed supplies and equipment, as follows:

The Adventurists Logo
The Adventurists Logo

  • Car
  • Collapsable, compact grill
  • Small cooler
  • Car rack
  • Sat phone *
  • Extra Tires
  • Oil
  • Gas cans
  • Flashlights*
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • GPS*
  • Sleeping pads
  • Emergency gear
  • Medicine
  • Shovel/ hatchet*
  • Uniforms
  • Car registrations and legal documentation
  • Boots*
  • Road maps
  • Border tolls or fees
  • Water purifier
  • Storage equipment
  • Travel Insurance
  • Spare car parts
  • Gas allowance
  • Food allowance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Visa costs
  • Travel allowance
  • accommodation allowance


If you think of a corporation that might be interested in sponsoring ATC, please let us know or send them our official Sponsorship Proposal and direct them to our website.


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