ScoreBig Tickets

ScoreBig_crowd gives users the opportunity to bid on different even tickets around their area.  Similar to in the early years (but not with plane tickets), users select the concert, theater play or sports event they would like to attend and then they bid for tickets below the ticket office price.  There is a bid meter which tells you the likelihood of your bid being accepted as well as details about the discount percentage other ScoreBig users have received on the same event.  There are no fees and you get an immediate answer regarding your bid.  My first bid was for three tickets to Disney’s Frozen on Ice.  My bid was not accepted, but a counter bid was sent and I had over a minute to decide if I would like to purchase at their countered rate – which I did.*

Even if they do not have the event you are looking for, you can request that it be added to the ScoreBig website.  I think it is a great platform to stay on top of local events you may like to attend and to pay less than face value for tickets.  I would use the service again as they also send email updates for different venues when they are offering major discounts (up to 60%) off.

*ScoreBig.Com approached us to review their site and offered a promo code in return to try out their services. We had no obligation to write a positive review, and were genuinely excited to learn of the service and what they offer.

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