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You may have noticed that ATC has been under construction for a few weeks. Okay, okay it’s been a few months. I’ve been busy painstakingly selecting and tweaking a design, loading new content, redesigning the layout and organizing the archives into a more searchable horde of content. If you visited while the pages were in disarray, I apologize for the chaos– the creative process isn’t an orderly thing, it’s more of a buckshot-into-glass type thing.


We’ve added a new section called ATC Lifestyle where you can find information on what it means to ATC, what we believe, our philosophy, financing travel, and more. Our humor page is here, but so is our page on why vegans are neat. Under resources, in the same section, you’ll find tips to abandon your cube as well as great gear to start your paired down lifestyle.

You’ll also notice off the bat that we have an expanded section on Adventure, which covers everything from famous explorers, to top ten travel lists to great adventure travel companies to backpacking.

On the Road is where you’ll find insight into the Best American Road Trips and the Mongol Rally.

Our Guides section has been cleaned up and we’re excited to offer a bit of information on every country we’ve been to. We only cover the places we’ve actually been. What’s the point of reading a blog about hypothetical travel? Nope, these guides are about the places we have been, where we’ve stood and what we saw.

The homepage is different, and the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s pulling in a lot of our featured content. It was like looking through a treasured photo album for me as I picked and chose which blog posts would pull into the home page. After nearly a decade of blogging about abandoning the cube, there is a lot of content on the site. Some good, some not so great, some riddled with typos from writing on bumpy back roads in China, others riddled with typos from the time I had dysentery in Turkmenistan, or had only ten pre-paid minutes of internet in Odessa to blog. It was a nostalgic hoorah that ended with me finally grabbing a few to pull into the homepage, with the aspiration to rotate out old content and keep a cycle of fresh content on the page. Dream big, they say.


What do you think of the new design, layout, direction? Let us know!

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