UK Discount Codes

As many of you know, we’ve been busy preparing for the upcoming Mongol Rally. In so doing, we’ve been looking for a lot of equipment. We found a pretty sweet website called that gives you discount coupons on a lot of great sites, from food to tools to Amazon, etc. This includes some of the biggest retailers across the UK! If you have ever shopped online and noticed the ‘enter discount code’ option on the website, then you know what I’m referring to. This is the best place in the UK to go for discount codes, and its helped us a great deal in buying stuff for the rally on a shoestring.

If you live on a dime (or on a pence, as us Yanks assume the Brits would say) then this is a great resource for you. They have deals on computers, discounts on clothing, ‘kids eat free’ discounts at restaurants and similar deals. They have discount codes on everything! You can even sign up for a weekly email of deals and coupons in the UK. It is categorized smartly, including a top ten section, or the ability to search by category. Its so smart, in fact, that even the Britannica has a discount code!

You’ll find amazing savings and discount codes on Thomson Discount Codes that will end up saving you hundreds every year. Check it out, give it a try, and let us know if you like it too.

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